Mission Statement

To serve as a catalyst to promote and carry out programs of preservation, renovation, restoration, rehabilitation, beautification, remediation, and upkeep with respect to the water itself, the waterfront lands adjoining it, and the entire watershed area.

To promote and facilitate scientific research and academic involvement in the planning, remediation, public health standards, and testing for development of the canal and its environs.

To work towards a safe and healthy environment for residents, workers, recreational users, pedestrians, dog walkers, drivers, and wildlife in the canal and its environs and work to the best of my ability to ensure that all stakeholders are made and kept aware of all issues which arise regarding the Gowanus Canal and its environs.

To encourage, promote and support innovative and ecologically healthy and sound ventures and uses on and along the canal.

To partner with other stakeholders in implementing experimental and/or innovative programs and projects within the canal corridor which may help to achieve the goals heretofore described within the canal district.

To maintain an organization that affords communication and discussion opportunities to the community at large


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